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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Drive them off as if they are Ravens

Today I completed my first unit for Impetus, a group of Greek slingers for a Peloponnesian War Athenian army to fight of Firey Monkey Boy's Spartans. Both his Antigonid and Spartan 15mm Impetus armies inspired me to begin this project and after a first test game I am now mad about Impetus.

I have never before done multiple figures on a single base and I feel I need to practice more on not getting the wood filler on the figures as I place that down, a task I believe will be harder with the tightly packed hoplites to come. 

I learned quickly in our test game that slingers are not the greatest skirmishers for advancing as they receive a negative to shoot when moving but they make great speed bumps for adding a disruption to an attacking unit. The 300 point army will have two units of slingers but I hope to eventually do up two units of psiloi with javelins to deploy when attacking.

Next up will be the general's hoplite base as I want to get the bulk of the army, the hoplites, on the field ASAP. Figures are from Xyston.