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Monday, November 12, 2012

Finished Fallschimjäger Platoon

Here is the finished 500 point Bolt Action Fallschimjäger platoon. First painted 15mm figures and I have to say they are great. Paint up so quickly! I know they aren't high quality paint jobs but they look respectable and are better than metal on the tabletop. Hopefully on Wednesday they will get some action. Now to paint up a British commando platoon to loan out.
The whole platoon.
The fire support squad.

Command squad and medic.

Mortar squad.

Medium machine gun squad.

This miniature will only be used once the squad has lost two members since I always lose track of wounds inflicted.

Three Members of the 87th Foot's Patrol

After deciding on the Army Painter Strong tone wash I have painted up the next three members of my SDS squad. There are four more to paint before it will be ready at 400 points. Those left to paint are; Lt. Reginald Grey who needs some greenstuff to fill in a gap, Sgt. Paddy Donnelly, Dmr. Sean O'Rourke and his older brother Pvt. Matthew O'Rourke who will be a kitbash conversion using a French body in a greatcoat. So far painted from left to right are; Pvt. Tim O'Brady (the test figure), Pvt. Old Billy Molony, Pvt. Ned Byrne and Pvt. James O'Ryan.

He is supposed to look old and ratty having campaigned a long time in Iberia.

He is still wearing the summer issue trousers, though thoroughly caked in mud.

I decided not to include pictures of Tim O'Brady since he was in a previous post. Comments and criticism always encouraged.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bolt Action 15mm Fallschrimjägers

This is another of my new projects, a 500 point platoon of fallschrimjägers for use in Bolt Action. These are the first 15mm miniatures I've ever worked with and they paint up really fast, especially when using the base coat + wash method. Here we have the first and second squads of the platoon. One dedicated to assaulting strong points (all the members have SMGs giving extra shots but only limited range) whilst the other is a rifle squad. The overall project is about half done and you can expect third squad (a fire support squad) to be posted soon. Once that is complete all that remains is the support teams, medic and command squad. They look a bit shiny in the photos cause of the lighting but are matte in reality. 
Rifle Squad.

Rifle Squad NCO with Assault Rifle.

Assault Squad.

Assault Squad NCO.

Song of Drums and Shakos Testers and Character Sneak Peek

So the first of my new projects is a squad for use with the rule set Song of Drums and Shakos. Two guys at my club have tried it out and I'm hoping if I bring in a complete squad (7 figures) I can get them to play. To get them painted quickly I am just painting the base colours on and giving them a wash. The first two test figures have been washed in different Army Painter Inks. One in Dark Tone the other in Strong Tone. There are aspects I like about both thus I am having a hard time deciding which to use. What do you all think?
The left figure is washed in Dark Tone and the right in Strong Tone.
Strong Tone.

Strong Tone.
Strong Tone
Dark Tone.
Dark Tone.
Dark Tone.
Here is a sneak peek of the first three characters for the squad. From left to right; Veteran Private Old Billy Malony, Lieutenant Reginald Grey and Seargent Paddy Donnelly. The Final squad will be representative of a patrol from the Royal Irish Fusiliers campaigning in Spain. 

Sir Henry Grey's First Retained Archers

Here are the first two painted archers of Sir Henry Grey's retinue. For the Dux Britanniarum conversion these will count as a soldier class unit and be paired with a unit of billmen as well. To show that, these archers have some armour and at least a gambeson whilst the archers of the militia class are mainly in cloth and have a few gambesons.