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Friday, November 2, 2012

Song of Drums and Shakos Testers and Character Sneak Peek

So the first of my new projects is a squad for use with the rule set Song of Drums and Shakos. Two guys at my club have tried it out and I'm hoping if I bring in a complete squad (7 figures) I can get them to play. To get them painted quickly I am just painting the base colours on and giving them a wash. The first two test figures have been washed in different Army Painter Inks. One in Dark Tone the other in Strong Tone. There are aspects I like about both thus I am having a hard time deciding which to use. What do you all think?
The left figure is washed in Dark Tone and the right in Strong Tone.
Strong Tone.

Strong Tone.
Strong Tone
Dark Tone.
Dark Tone.
Dark Tone.
Here is a sneak peek of the first three characters for the squad. From left to right; Veteran Private Old Billy Malony, Lieutenant Reginald Grey and Seargent Paddy Donnelly. The Final squad will be representative of a patrol from the Royal Irish Fusiliers campaigning in Spain. 


  1. They look pretty good, I'd lean towards strong tone, it looks a little more natural to me

    1. Yea I think I will and maybe save the Dark Tone for the white bits and grey.