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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Drive them off as if they are Ravens

Today I completed my first unit for Impetus, a group of Greek slingers for a Peloponnesian War Athenian army to fight of Firey Monkey Boy's Spartans. Both his Antigonid and Spartan 15mm Impetus armies inspired me to begin this project and after a first test game I am now mad about Impetus.

I have never before done multiple figures on a single base and I feel I need to practice more on not getting the wood filler on the figures as I place that down, a task I believe will be harder with the tightly packed hoplites to come. 

I learned quickly in our test game that slingers are not the greatest skirmishers for advancing as they receive a negative to shoot when moving but they make great speed bumps for adding a disruption to an attacking unit. The 300 point army will have two units of slingers but I hope to eventually do up two units of psiloi with javelins to deploy when attacking.

Next up will be the general's hoplite base as I want to get the bulk of the army, the hoplites, on the field ASAP. Figures are from Xyston.


  1. Stunning job. I'll follow your progress closely.

    1. Thank you. I've thought your work to be absolutely gorgeous for a long time.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. You're blog is a great inspiration. I'd like to try this in 28mm eventually but for now 15mm will do.

  3. Hot. I like the gritty finish on the basing. Hoplites now!

    1. The photo makes the basing look a bit darker than in reality but it is not quite as light as yours. They'll be coming along as I'll get some paint time in today.

  4. Looking good. The scenic basing is really nice and sets off the figs.

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