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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whoops, with the Skáld ok Kaupmaðr

Hello all,

Sorry I never got those Maurice AARs up but school took over my life. Been gaming regularly once a week at the club but sadly painting hasn't been very productive. By the end of the week I should have all my writing for the term done and have some painting time on my hands. That said I have snuck a few figures in here and there and now I shall share them.

First up is a notables base for my Maurice army. He will be a generic notable for now but once I've done up a few more bases they will be differentiated as to what sort of force they command and he will become a cavalry, or general staff officer.

Next up is my first unit for Muskets and Tomahawks which the club is doing in 15/18mm with figures from Blue Moon. My overall force at 200 points will be British light infantry but they will also have 4 members of a colonial militia acting as guides.

Lastly I have also begun painting a points worth of warriors for my SAGA viking warband that I picked up at Hot Lead. First up is the skáld. An older fellow retained to sing Jarl Þorstein's praise. He, like all good poets, has a horn of mead he is drinking from before going into battle.

Accompanying him is the kaupmaðr. Having made money trading with the Anglo-Saxons to the south of Jarl Þorstein's lands he has opted to spend his wealth on expensive clothes, as well as a golden ring, brooch and arm ring. When called upon by the jarl he brings his speer and red shield.

Lastly is a picture of the two together. I have also begun a Dystopian Wars naval project and have one frigate painted but forgot to get a picture of it. That will have to be a separate post later on.


  1. Plenty of projects you got on! Good luck finishing your school work too.

    1. Too many projects :P I keep starting one then getting side tracked because another catches my attention. I've put a freeze on new projects until August when I'll start playing Ronin.

  2. Looks good! A little bit of everything is nothing to sneeze at.

  3. Great paintjob on all of them!I especially like the vikings.

  4. Great looking figures, love the Old drinking Man...