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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I am Alive!

Sorry for the silence life has been hectic. The holidays hardly felt like a break as it was all go go go except for a few days spent resting with my family and my girlfriend, I didn't even pick up a brush once. Since school has started I have only twice been able to paint and did up some test stands for my 6mm Maurice army from Baccus. I almost have one company of infantry painted but am waiting on my newly placed order to arrive so that I can create more scenic bases. I have to say 6mm is nice for the speed but tough on the eyes.

Even though not much painting has happened I have played some games. I've now played 3 games of Maurice, two of which are part of the club's campaign. The first tester game can be seen here at Fiery Monkey Boy's blog. The second game was my first campaign game and I faced off against Anthony's Prussians (link to his blog) and I will tomorrow write up the battle report for that, in the mean time you can read his biased and exaggerated account on the club's Maurice blog. The third battle was fought this past Wednesday against Ernie's Prussians (well my Lollanders are invading Northern Prussia to take the pressure off my allies) and was a great game. I have written my account of the battle of Piff and Pöff on the club blog and a battle report will follow.

I have to say Maurice is a damned fun game to play especially when all involved get into the roles of 18th century gentlemen. Hopefully in the next few weeks my Baccus order will arrive and I can finish off at least one regiment of my army and putter away at the rest. A Musket and Tomahawk's project is also on the horizon so stay posted for that.

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