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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Independent Duchy of Lolland

Here is the background of my semi-imagination for use in Maurice.
The Flag of Lolland

 The duchy of Lolland is ruled by Asger Knuth III, Hertug af Lolland and cousin to the King of Denmark. At only seventeen years of age he has already ruled Lolland for two years following his father's unfortunate and suspicious death. Asger has yet to prove himself in combat but has shown to be an astute student of tactics and quite the capable hunter.

Hertug Soren I
Hertug Asger III

Having split away from Danish rule the duchy of Lolland is isolated enough to move independantly in European politics. Further the rich farmland held by the Duke ensures that the Danish crown remains in debt to them, for without the Lollandic grain supply, the King would need to seek sustanance for his people abroad. Under the firm rule of the Knuths the duchy's military and navy has greatly expanded. Lollandic ships, commanded by Admiral Christen Benedixen, patrol the Westerm part of the sound enforcing the travel tax laid down by the current Hertug's late father, Soren I, as well as ensuring that no invading army, be it foreign or that of the Danish King, will set foot in their homeland.

Admiral Christen Benedixen
The army may not have the size of some of their neighbours but they make up for it by their high skill level. Military service is manditory in the duchy thus the well trained population can be called upon in times of need. During the previous Hertugi's reign the Lollanders began to emmulate the military of the Prussians. This can be attributed to the fact that both the late Soren and his brother Jakob studied at a Prussian military academy. The late Duke so impressed with the Prussian grenadiers instituted the wearing of mitres for all the Lolland army's infantry regiments.

Lolland is predominantly a Lutheran region and thus is closely linked to the other Scandinavian nations as well as Britain and the Northern German states, though this does not preclude conflicts from arrising between them as was seen during Soren I's reign. The Danish King threatened Lolland with invasion but after the naval battle in Strostrøm Bay the Lollanders sunk and captured a quarter of the Royal fleet forcing the monarch to the negotiating table. After this heroic action Hertug Soren I formally recognized the Lollandic marines and the Dukes now train them to become the most elite warriors of the island.

In times of need the Hertugi will lead the Lollandic army himself but when involving the duchy in foreign conflicts a general will be assigned to lead the Lollandic forces. Under the current Duke's reign this has been his uncle Jakob Knuth, an eccentric adventurer having served in a Prussian hussar regiment before returning to his homeland upon his brother's death. Jakob has the stern and well organised control of his forces, in the Prussian manner, as well as an easy going demeanour that has gained him great loyalty from the soldiers. This has caused a great bubbling of gossip in court where many nobles speculate that he may lead a coupe against his nephew and claim the duchy for himself. As of now though no tension is seen between the two. 

Generelt Jakob Knuth


  1. Excellent. Another puppet for France.

    1. You may have missed the bit about the close ties to Prussia. ;)

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