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Friday, December 7, 2012

Recent Games

This Wednesday and the past I have played two outstanding games against Alex at my local club, here is his blog you should check it out. http://thebentbristle.wordpress.com/ He is a slow painter but a very good one that puts my speedy painting to shame.

Last week we played our first game of Song of Drums and Shakos in an attack and defend scenario where my boys of the Royal Irish Fusiliers fought off his Gordon Highlanders whilst defending a couple of casks of whiskey. The Irish were victorious at pushing back the Scots. I had planned to photograph the game and make a battle report but got so sucked into it I totally forgot. It had some great moments though such as my downed NCO managing to evade a bunch of bayonet thrusts long enough for his boys to come up and slaughter the Scottish NCO causing a bunch of the skirt wearing buggers to flee. I will try to remember to photograph the next game and write a report.

Then last Wednesday I faced off against Alex again while I was introducing my friend to Bolt Action. My friend Mykola and I played the defending Fallschrimjägers who had to stop the American paras from crossing the table. Again I forgot to take photos but luckily Firey Monkey Boy (another club member), who was looking up rules for us and picking our dice from the pot, took photos and wrote up a report. Here is his great blog and the battle that ensued. http://themonkeythatwalks.blogspot.ca/2012/12/dogs-eye-view.html

After last night I have decided I would like to expand my Fallschrimjägers to 1000 points and have been playing with the calculations to do that. It seems I will only need to paint up a handful more of the airborne soldiers and add a Stug III G. This may become a pre-Christmas project since I already have the infantry figures and a single tank won't break the bank for me.

Lastly in my free time I have painted up two more figures for the retinue of Thomas Grene and have begun on two more as well as the first test billman for John Tayte's retinue.

That has been my last couple of weeks in wargaming

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