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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Grenes of Langley Part One

Sorry for no updates as of lately but school has been in the way and then I was hit with a case of the lazies. After the release of Silent Invader's Wars of the Roses ruleset titled "By Arrow, Bill & Sword," I have been inspired to whip together and finish some warbands. The rules are free and can be accessed, along with Q&A pertaining to them here. http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=48144.0

Here is the first installment of the warband of the Grenes of Langley. The Grenes hold the manor of Langley just to the South of Codnor and are a fictional family I am creating for my Wars of the Roses project. 

The oldest brother, Thomas, is a sly cunning tactician who makes up for his lack of physical strength by being treacherous and highly intelligent. The Grenes under his patrimony have risen quickly in wealth and status thanks to their well situated mill and the tolls levied there. These high tolls have begun to cause tension with Thomas' neighbours, especially John Tayte of Eastwood newly arrived from abroad after the death of his eldest brother. Right around the time the mill at Langley was built the neighbouring mills begun being attacked by an unknown arson. 

Here is Thomas with the first of his retainers. I still need to think of some sort of livery badge to paint onto them. Something simple enough for my mediocre painting skills. Comments and criticism always welcome.

Thomas Grene of Langley


  1. I like Thomas. I was actually looking at this harnessed body earlier, wondering what arms to use. These look nice.

    As for badge, think of something simple, like a diamond, cross or possibly a ring+cross. Just superimpose a O and +, it could look slightly like a mill.

    1. Great idea on the livery badge! I too really like how Thomas came out. Used the mercenary command sprue body with one of the WOTR command heads, a cavalry spure right arm with the hand shaved a little so the sword would point down and then the mercenary command left arm for the hand on hip commanding look. Makes him look bossy in my opinion. The next Grene character who is currently being painted has some conversion work and I think is going to look nice as well.

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    The next Grene character who is currently being painted has some conversion work and I think is going to look nice as well.