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Friday, October 31, 2014

Secret Santa, Year Three

I have been remiss about posting. I always tell myself I need to, but yet don't find the time to. Once more, I will change that. ;)

Secret Santa is coming around again this year and thought it may be a good idea to let my Santa know what minis are on my mind, as my blog is a bit out of date.

The two ranges I am super impressed with currently are Claymore Castings and Pro-Gloria miniatures. One of the only reasons I haven't ordered from Claymore Castings yet is I don't know which faction I'd like to collect, so if this is the route my Santa goes, please make the choice for me! As for Pro-Gloria, I have no idea why I haven't ordered anything from them yet as all the sculpts are fantastic Paul Hicks and his Indigogo campaign is starting early November to allow him to produce a fantastic set of plastic Landschnekt.

As always I'm happy to receive anything. Now if only my recipient would post a list...


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