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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beginnings of Wars of the Roses

The Entire Force so Far

Here are my first painted (or mostly painted) Perry wars of the roses figures. The Yellow and green are part of my fictional retinue of Baron Patrick fitz Christopher and the red and white part of Willhelm van Brugge's mercenaries.
The Baron Himself

Willhelm van Brugge

Billman and Archer

Two Flemish Crossbowmen

The Other two Archers

These have been used as a Mordheim warband (Marienburgers) and I also plan to expand the force to use for WAB and some sort of skirmish rules.


  1. Nice start, yellow can be a hard colour to do i find but you pulled it off really well. Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Thank you. There will be more WOTR but also mixed in with SAGA vikings. I'm actually very curious about trying your Dux Britanniarum rules in the 15th century.