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Saturday, October 6, 2012

WIP Bondi

Yesterday I bought two and a half boxes worth of Wargames Factory Vikings for a very good price. About 8 of them were already built but I'll make use of them when I can. That said I started constructing my first point of Þorsteinn's warband, a unit of eight bondar called to service from his estates.

I have to say I do not like the Wargames Factory models. They're finicky to put together, are a bitch to get into natural poses and the detail isn't that great. I knew all this beforehand from reading reviews but somehow thought it wouldn't be so bad. Oh well they will have to do for now as bondar and Þrállar (I have a set of Gripping Beast's plastic vikings in the mail to use for the Hirðmen and my warlord). 

I also molded on two greenstuff cloaks that I am not 100% happy with but I am still very new to using greenstuff and haven't sculpted much besides fur. Anyways I will shut up now and show the pictures.
These two figures were already built but worked for my bondar.

The greenstuff cloak is hiding a glue mess that is on his back.

The two richest bondar. The figure on the right was also built.

There was an ugly gap at the back of his neck, so he got a cloak.

There you have it the first point of my SAGA warband. Hopefully on Sunday I will slap a bit of paint on a couple of them and tonight I'll plunge the two painted models into some Simple Green to strip them. Also if any of you have tips on how to better photograph miniatures I am all ears.

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