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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Man at Arms and Retainer

So between painting SAGA vikings this weekend I completed a dismounted man at arms for my WOTR project. He is made up of bits from the mercenary command sprue, hands and sword with buckler from the WOTR command sprue and a mounted man at arms head. I wanted a man at arms wielding a pole axe and pointing like you can build with the WOTR set, but I wanted him wearing a coat over his armour and a turban. The conversion was simple, cut away the hands from the WOTR set and then took off the equivalent of them from the mercenaries set, made sure they fit flush then glued them on. All and all pretty simple and I feel it turned out well. These minor conversions I am doing are heavily inspired by the ones Captain Blood on the Lead Adventure Forum does, they really add a little extra character to the force. As always comments and criticism is encouraged.

To break up what I was painting (the vikings) I whipped together the first mounted retainer of Sir Henry Grey. He is lightly armoured and I have yet to decide if I want to make him the banner bearer or just have him as is. He is wearing leather soled hosen so no shoes or boots. I've seen a few manuscript images depicting this from the later half of the 15th century and I figured it would be a good way to make it seem he was less well armoured than his lord. His horse is about 80% complete and I'll try to finish it off tonight.


  1. I like the idea for the command fig.

  2. That is a fancy hat. Great color choices!

  3. They're coming along nicely, it's strange because i invented a retinue that has the sam colours as your men, same side too. The oddities of life!

    1. Thanks. The red green with the yellow badge was Sir Henry's livery historically, at least according to the Perry sheet that came with the mounted men.

  4. GReat conversion, very effective.