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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prologue to Saga Þorsteinn Svarta

There was a jarl named Þorsteinn Svarti, son of Ketil Þorsteinson, the grandson of Gissur Hvíti. Þorsteinn was a well born lord in Northumbria living at Ketilstún just North of Jorvík where his father settled after coming from Norway with Ívar Loðbrókson in the the year 865.
Þorsteinn did not have black hair, wear black clothes or paint his shield black. That is why most men when first coming into contact with the jarl wondered why he was called the black, but after only minutes in his company they realized it was because of his mood. After loosing his family in a hall burning this Jarl of Northumbria had a permanent scowl affixed to his face and the temperament of a wounded badger. He lead a battle hardened band of brutal men on raids every spring to fund the lavish feasts he held to black out the pain of his memories.
In this codex, I Helgi, will endeavor to write of the events and deeds of the life of Jarl Þorsteinn Ketilsson.

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