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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Here is the first member of my first point of Hirðmen (hearthguard) for my SAGA warband. He is from the Gripping Beast plastic viking set and this set is far superior to the Wargames Factory one. That said there are some flaws such as the mail sleeved being huge and I prefer the shields from Wargames Factory so the next unit of hearthguard may have them instead. I've learned I absolutely love Devlan Mud when it comes to painting vikings, thus I am worried as it is running low. The one part I am very unhappy with is the shield but I don't know how I should be painting it, any advice is much appreciated.

Can't figure out how to do highlights on a flat surface.

The rest of the unit ready for some paint.

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  1. Army Painter strong tone in a bottle is a good Devan Mud replacement. Has the advantage it's not sirit based like the dip in a tin type.